Podcast: Ep#49 Growing Franchise Opportunities in VIC and TAS (ft. Aaron Sutherland Jim’s Test & Tag and Fire Safety)

James Jacka
Divisional Manager Australia

Hello and welcome to Eden Exchanges. Today we spoke to Aaron Sutherland, Regional Franchisor for Jim’s Test & Tag and Fire Safety in Tasmania and Victoria. Listen as Aaron talks about his background, his journey with the franchise, his passion for safety and the lucrative opportunity in the area.
Listen out for tips on how to get in touch, what Jim’s is looking for in a franchisee and where the best opportunities are found.
Discussion Points:
  • Background: Aaron’s background and how how he came to be a part of the franchise.
  • What what the attraction?: What drew Aaron to the franchise?
  • Passion for Safety: Why testing and tagging is so important in Australia?
  • The Jim’s method: Why Jim’s Test & Tag and Jim’s Fire Safety are in demand. What makes it unique and competitive?
  • The opportunities: What opportunities are available in Victorian and Tasmania
  • Looking for franchisees: What type of franchisees is Jim’s looking for in these areas?
  • The day in the life: What it takes to be a Test & Tag and Fire Safety franchisee
  • How to get in touch: How to contact Aaron about an opportunity or enquire online
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