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Podcast: Ep#87 “We’ve been around for 102 years so we must be doing something right” (ft. Bryan Tran, Multi Store Owner for Nathan’s Famous)

Mark Alati
Managing Director

Listen to the podcast here:
Ep#87 "We've been around for 102 years" (Ft Bryan Tran, Multi-Store Owner for Nathan’s Famous
Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Bryan Tran, a multi store owner for Nathan's Famous in Shellharbour and Wetherill Park in NSW. Nathan's Famous is the famous American hot dog brand rapidly becoming more famous in Australia. Bryan become a multi store owner early on during his journey with Nathan's and also works as an operations manager with Mark Alati, MD of Nathan's Famous Australia. Listen to him talk about how he first became involved in the business, what makes the concept so unique and how you can grow your own business with a Nathan's Famous franchise.  
Discussion Points:
  • Background Previous experience of franchise businesses
  • Becoming a multi store owner How Bryan started working as a multi store owner
  • Assisting Mark His process of helping Mark Alati with the recruitment of new franchisees
  • Changing Australia's hot dog culture  The hot dog culture and the response from his customers in Shellharbour and Wetherill Park
  • Training and support Nathan’s Famous don’t only offer training beforehand, but also while you are up and running with your franchise
  • Expansion plans How Bryan sees the iconic brand growing in Australia
  • Uniqueness 100% Australian beef, and not boiled – barbecued!
  • Being your own boss One of the biggest perks of working for Nathan’s is the opportunity to become your own boss
  • The next steps  What they're looking for in a potential franchisee and how to reach out to Bryan or Mark
Useful Links:
Nathan’s Famous: WebsiteFacebook/ linkedin/
Eden Exchange: ProfileFranchise Listings
About Nathan’s Famous
The popular fast food chain from Coney Island, New York has finally opened its doors in Australia and are looking for eager franchisees to join nationwide in Australia. Nathan’s Famous was founded in 1916 with a single, small hot dog stand in Coney Island, New York, where the hot dogs were based on a recipe developed by his wife’s grandmother. In the 100 years that have passed since opening day, Nathan’s has gained worldwide recognition for the unequalled quality and taste of its product. Today, Nathan’s has gained a reputation for being among the highest quality hot dogs in the world. Nathan’s is not just a hot dog, it’s a unique way of living. Last year there were over 500 million Nathan’s Famous hot dogs sold!

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