Championing a New Model of Childcare Education with MindChamps

Doug Downer
To foster the power and potential of the human mind, body and spirit for a better tomorrow

The benefits of early childhood education are becoming clearer with a growing body of knowledge demonstrating that the best time for developing a life-long love of learning and reading and a wide range of foundational social skills is in the years from zero to five. 

The experts behind MindChamps have spent decades researching early childhood education, neuroscience and child psychology and drawing on the engagement techniques of theatre to create a revolutionary, 21st Century approach to early learning.

Following its founding in Australia in 1998, the MindChamps approach was first tested in the competitive and demanding educational environment of Singapore – a country acknowledged world-wide as a leader in all major educational rankings. The approach paid off. Australians can be proud that an organisation with its international research infrastructure still firmly grounded in Australia, is now Singapore’s number one provider of premium-range preschool education.

What Makes the MindChamps Program So Successful?

MindChamps utilises its bespoke S.M.I.L.E.S.™ Approach in developing its ground-breaking curriculum – which is based on engagement, security, positive socialisation, enquiry and exploration. As explained by Founder CEO and Executive Chairman, David Chiem, the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ acronym covers the key developmental areas that all children need to nurture – Sensory, Motor, Intellectual, Linguistic, Emotional and Social.

Employing this approach, MindChamps’ educators (dubbed ‘educarers’) function as a source of stimulation and encouragement – facilitators and role-models for the voracious minds of children developing their neural networks; creating, in their young charges, an appetite and a drive for life-long learning. To this end, every MindChamps educarer is provided with the ‘MindChamps Way’ training, to introduce them to the science, the strategy and the philosophy behind the S.M.I.L.E.S.™ approach.

In an interview with Eden Exchange, Franchising Director for MindChamps, Doug Downer described the foundation model of MindChamps as a practical and developmental model called The 3 Minds. The qualities of this model include:

  • The Champion Mind – celebrating the uniqueness of each child, going beyond conventional wisdom and overcoming adversity to achieve success 
  • The Learning Mind – developing strategies for learning how to learn that actively assist any learner to understand, store, recall and synthesise information and concepts
  • The Creative Mind – connecting multiple perspectives and integrating them to solve problems and generate new, creative ideas.

Mr Downer goes on to describe MindChamps’ overarching philosophy as, “100% Respect, Zero Fear. This is a way of approaching the world that leads our students to have full confidence in themselves, while considering the rights and opinions of others.”

David Chiem explains that MindChamps is all about creating a movement and a revolution in the early learning sector. It builds on the foundations for success that every child is born with.

What Can Franchisees Expect?

Franchisees can expect a range of benefits that they won’t find with other childcare education franchises, including that of being hands-on owner-operators.

As David Chiem shares: “Franchisees do not need to come from an early childhood or childcare background. We provide an extensive training program with ongoing support and mentoring on core operations and business management.”

Franchisees receive strong marketing support, turnkey operation and proprietary global curriculum. 

They have the opportunity to provide quality early education and care, and, by sharing the values of MindChamps, to make a difference for the next generation.

Current franchisees find that the MindChamps model takes the hard work out of setting up a business – developing systems, communications, marketing and so on. This allows them to focus on running their business rather than letting the business run them.

MindChamps Franchise Locations

MindChamps is planning a rapid growth phase over the next three years, opening up plenty of opportunities for franchisees. 

As Doug Downer explains, following a proven strategic plan, the company is focusing on developing its footprint in New South Wales, while looking for opportunities in Victoria and Queensland. It is, however, open to opportunities presenting from other states.  

Its successful franchisee program in Australia has been founded on purchasing existing centres in regions with a strong demographic growth in young families. Its 21st centre, the first purpose-built centre, has just opened in Frenchs Forest; it is the franchisee’s second centre.  

While the initial focus is on developing a footprint on the eastern seaboard, MindChamps’ long-term goal is to have early education centres across  Australia, providing the best opportunity for children to prepare for the unknown workplace they will enter in the 2030s & ‘40s.

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About the business:

MindChamps was created from the belief that every child is born with the potential to be a champion. After decades of research into early learning pedagogy, neuroscience and child psychology, and drawing upon the engagement techniques of theatre, MindChamps has crafted a new approach to early learning that is designed to equip the children of today with the foundations for future success.

Founded in Sydney in 1998, MindChamps took its research to Singapore – possibly the most competitive and demanding educational environment in the world – to measure our new approach against the more traditional models. Armed with strong conviction and the backing of some of the world’s leading educators, scientists and literacy experts, MindChamps is now recognised as Singapore’s leading provider of premium preschool care.

Now, returning to Australia, MindChamps is dedicated to helping each and every Aussie kid realise their true potential.

For media inquiries or to arrange an interview please contact Eden Exchange on 03 8658 2292 or 02 8880 5535.



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