Podcast: Ep#186 “Being agile with technology, we can use technology to unlock value for our customers” (Ft. Bevan Ross, Managing Director at IMANI Partners Pty Ltd)

Mark Rainbird
Founder and Managing Director

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Today on Eden Exchanges we spoke to Bevan Ross, who is the Managing Director of IMANI Partners Pty Ltd (“the Company”); a partnership of IMANI Framing, IMANI Cloud, IMANI MarketPlace and IMANI Marketing, based in Brisbane, Queensland, and working with Funding Strategies. Listen as Bevan delves into his background, what the Company does, the different entities within IMANI Partners Pty Ltd and what exciting opportunities IMANI Partners Pty Ltd are presently developing.

Discussion Points:

  • Background
    Bevan discusses his professional background, his current role and how he came to be a part of the Company
  • The business
    The IMANI business model, IMANI’s products and services and the different entities of the Company
  • Current projects
    Bevan discusses IMANI’s current projects and the clients
  • The technology
    Why IMANI's technology is so unique and how it differentiates from other technology in the Australian market
  • Stage of development
    Bevan talks us through the Company’s current stage of development and the performance of its prototypes
  • Methods of practice
    The common methods of practice in the relevant Australian industry and how the Company sets itself apart in both application and efficiency
  • A good time to be in tech
    Bevan highlights why it is a good time to be a part of the current commercial tech industry and where the gaps in the market are
  • The greatest demand
    The latest demand for technology and what direction the demand is leading to in future
  • The future
    Where Bevan believes the Company will be in the near future and what is next for the development of IMANI Partners Pty Ltd and its subsidiaries
  • Key challenges
    Bevan describes the key challenges and milestones the Company has faced in recent years and will most likely encounter in the future
  • The very best thing
    What Bevan believes is the best thing about the Company and what he loves about his working role
  • A piece of advice
    Bevan offers some key advice about entering the tech market for the first time and what you should consider before looking into any future business opportunities

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About the Business

IMANI Partners Pty Ltd is a technology led initiative offering an original suite of customised tech platforms and digitised marketing and procurement services to their target verticals. IMANI Partners is built on a foundation of deep industry experience and insight to deliver a turn-key solution that increases revenue, removes wasteful processes, and allows their matured target markets to adapt to modern technology at an affordable price. Utilising Salesforce aligned products, IMANI Partners has built a market leading turnkey custom solution.

For more information about IMANI Partners Pty Ltd (“Project Ferro”), please visit the Funding Strategies website here(log-in required, joining is free). Alternatively, please contact Dr Mark Rainbird and his team by phone: +61 7 3160 2840 or email: brisbane@fundingstrategies.com.au


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