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"An easy place to find a buyer, no matter what your business is" - Adam Louey - Computer Trouble Shooters Bayside Franchise, Melbourne, Former Owner

"Our experience with EdenExchange was great. After trying and failing with some of the traditional method, we were really happy when we were matched with a buyer online. Made the process very smooth" - Lin Ma, Manufacturer, Sydney

"Our broker recommended EdenExchange as an option for sourcing a buyer. They were right on. After receiving a few enquiries and organizing a few inspections, we were able to get out of our business at a price we were happy with" - Michelle Chan, Restaurant Owner Brisbane

"Your social media marketing campaigns have been fantastic for getting traction and attracting interest in our client's businesses for sale.Great work EdenExchange" - Michael Kerr, Kerr Capital, Business Broker & Advisor, Melbourne

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