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This is for you if you:

  • Love all varieties of dogs and their care

  • Want financial rewards in an uncertain economy

  • Enjoy working independently and building your business

  • Want to get flexibility in where and when you want to work

  • Want to partner with Australia’s Leading Specialty Mobile Dog Wash & Groomers

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Australia’s Leading Specialty Dog Groomers is Seeking Motivated new Franchisee’s to be part of the Mobile Pooch Crew.


Success so far

100% of the businesses are owned and operated by many of their local franchisees across Australia.


Industry Equipment, full training and ongoing support is provided to make you successful in the industry.

Rising demand

The ideal work for any dog lover. Be amazed by Australia’s dedicated & strong owner/pet relationship that is growing everyday.


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Hear Testimonials from the Pooch Franchisee Crew

I love the freedom of working my own hours, being outside and having the security of a good team behind me. I also love working with dogs and building fantastic relationships with my customers.

Genny McGuinness - Franchisee since 2002

I have always been interested in dog behaviour and this job helps me interact with many dogs and helps me hone my skills in that regard. Working as part of a successful franchise, has helped me develop my business skills as well.

Grant McGuinness - Joined Genny in 2003

I enjoy the interaction with dogs and developing and being part of a resolution in problem areas. I love establishing relationships with the dogs and their owners that exposes you to many different personalities and individual lifestyles. I love having the flexibility and control over work hours and income.  I LOVE MY JOB

Simone Ramdale- Franchisee since 2010