Are you selling a business or buying? Either way, learn how to list your business for sale the right way or how to find the perfect opportunity to invest in with the following FAQs below.

Do I have to pay to register on edenexchange.com?
How much does it cost to advertise a business for sale or list a private investment?

It is free to register on edenexchange.com. It is free to register your business.

Listing a business for sale, a franchise for sale or pitching for investment attracts a fee of $59 per listing. 

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Professional of sophisticated investors

If you are a professional investor, venture capitalist or high net worth individual,  please complete the registration form and specify your investment preferences and criteria. The more you can specify what you are looking, the easier it is to source relevant opportunities matching your criteria.

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Brokers and Professional Advisors

If you are an agent, business broker or intermediary specialising in buying or selling businesses, registering allows you to list unlimited businesses for sale and advertise in our company directory.  

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Business Owners

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If you are an entrepreneur or organisation with an opportunity to market you can Click here to pitch your business

How do I find out more about a business or investment opportunity?

For further information about a business for sale or investment opportunity, you need to contact the seller or the seller's representative (an agent, broker or intermediary) directly via the edenexchange.com or the methods specified by the user.

The information visible on the business-for-sale listing and user profile is all the information EdenExchange.com has on the business in question. We are not a broker or an intermediary but an online hub and marketing channel for businesses, investors and entrepreneurs to connect. To find out more about a business for sale,  investment opportunity, project or investor, contact the user by clicking on 'Get in touch' on a profile or listing. The member you contact may request more information before disclosing further information about their business. Depending on what you are requesting, they may ask you to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement.

Why hasn't anyone replied to my enquiry?

To foster openness and transparency between buyers, sellers, investors and entrepreneurs, we urge you to include as much information as possible about yourself, your business, the opportunity you are listing. Seller, agents and potential investors will be more forthcoming with information if they believe your enquiry is serious. Agents and brokers will generally respond to requests but if you are able to communicate that you are financially capable of purchasing a business or investing, you will be taken more seriously.

Sellers, agents and potential investors can be slow to reply and can time to prepare information you have requested. Some will email, some will call and many will use their edenexchange.com account to contact you. Because of this, it's important to check your account regularly. Agents, brokers and potential investors generally respond promptly, but if they don't reply immediately, do not be deterred from making further enquiries.

How do I change or update my account details?

To change or update your account details, sign into your account with your username and password. You can then track and maintain your listings, update your details or upgrade your advertisements.

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What if a business advertisement or pitch for capital has insufficient/inaccurate information or the location is unclear?

We do our best to ensure all businesses advertised on the site are genuine but do not create the listings. All information provided comes from users or from brokers/agents acting on behalf of sellers. We encourage advertisers to provide as much information as possible. If you want clarification of any details in advert then please click on 'Get in touch'.

Why contribute articles?

Improving your online reputation is important to marketing yourself. Demonstrate you have the sufficient experience and know-how to inform our community with insightful articles and you’ll attract more users to your company profile and more interest from investors. Providing insight is the key writing an interesting article. While it’s fine to mention your own company in the articles, if you solely release PR articles for your own business, your reputation may be damaged.

Selected articles also get used in our subscriber newsletters. As the author of the article or publisher of a video, you and your company will get full credit in the publication. Remember that users of this site are interested in investment, business, technology, innovation and buying and selling business. While we publish a diverse range of articles, completely unrelated articles will not get published.

Why release videos?

A powerful, succinct or entertaining video demonstrating the unique selling points of a business is an extremely effective way of generating interest, enquiries and connections. Potential investor and buyers are flooded daily with emails and documents. Make your business stand out from the crowd.

What happens to all my private information?

We take privacy extremely seriously. Please Click here to view our privacy policy and conditions. The information your provide us is only used for the purposes of accurately providing a functioning website. If you choose to delete your profile, your user information will not be stored, nor will it be passed on to any other providers.

Why do you allow businesses to be rated?

We are living in an age of unparalleled transparency and openness. If you do not believe your business, investment case or articles are capable of being subjected to user feedback or interaction, don’t list them. If you see any business you believe are scams, please report them straight away.