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Join the solar revolution and build cash flow. My Solar Toolkit License for Sale ListingImage
Key Strengths
  • Generate income, leads and new customers - yours for a one time license
  • Join the renewable energy revolution. Add MySolar Toolkit to to your current business. Perfect for tech entrpreneurs, business owners, brokers or agents
  • Established business model and large target market. Already tested in the United States and India
About this business
My Solar Toolkit is one of the world’s first tools to educate home and roof owners interactively and privately about the solar benefits specific to their situation. Solar companies love the way it improves productivity and conversion of sales, and also brands them as market leaders.
It is a tool that solar companies can offer to its prospects, customers, sales teams, lead generation teams to gain exceptional advantage over competition. It encourages even the most uninitiated (to solar and its benefits) to be engaged and learn and even get excited about solar and its benefits very specific to their property or roof.
It also allows people or businesses to harness their network of contacts, associates, colleagues, and friends and fellow members to educate them of solar benefits and thus generate new income from their existing resource or network, with no selling or compulsion.
Worlds best, one of a kind tool for solar companies. Add a cutting edge lead generation tool to you current business. 
  • Promote your exclusive My Solar Toolkit link
  • Start getting leads directly into your inbox
  • Customise the tool and promote to get your  leads pipeline filled
A MySolarToolkit License can now be yours to boost your leads and sources of business.
  • Built and Backed by Solar e-CRM company
  • A Quote to Cash software to stay ahead of competition
  • Developed in Australia, the worlds' most mature residential solar roof top market to date...
Top notch lead generation and nurturing solution for your  business. Generate income income and help service the mutlibillion dollar global solar industry 
‘My Solar Toolkit’ (MST) is a user friendly system that engages the customer and nurtures their interest in solar, delivering you more informed and pre-qualified leads. MST has been used globally, and is a configurable tool you can customise to suit your business and market conditions.
With an MST License, your business can become a Lead Generation Expert, showing customers modern, cutting edge solutions that will help to grow your business and gain a leadership position.
My Solar Toolkit is an Advanced Tool that help you design a Solar System for your property. It also suggests a system for you according to your bills, tell you about the benefits and savings you can make with Solar.
What My Solar Tookit can do for these Licensees?
MST offers a new source of income by leveraging the fast growing awareness and demand for solar
MST allows home owners to see how good their roof is, what size system they need, how many panels can fit in, what are the savings over 25 years and build their own site specific financial mode

Solar business platform pioneers Solar eCRM have been working with a range of solar installers over many years, and understand the particular requirements of the environment. During this time, they have introduced many business critical solutions for mass market roof top solar businesses.
My Solar Toolkit is the first of its kind, introduced in 2013 before the current licensable version was released in 2015. This followed extensive research and development, field testing and further iterations in international markets (United States and India - two leading mass markets for roof top solar). Enhancements and customisation to meet diverse international markets is ongoing, and licensees will benefit from these improvements.
IT development and support teams - along with solar industry experts based in Australia, the United States and India - are well equipped to provide solar companies with the very latest solutions, based on cost effective platforms.
This is a fantastic opportunity for entrpreneurs, business owners, brokers or agents looking to leverge off  one of the fastert growing industries in the world.
Contact the team from MySolarToollkit for further information 

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