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Key Strengths
  • Tru Balustrade is engineer certified.
  • Designed by a builder who has been building timber homes for 25 years!
  • Tru-Balustrade has been well received by Tru-Built’s current clients with past clients wishing it was available when they built.
About this business
Rod Soppe, the owner of Tru-Built has been constructing timber homes for the past 25 years with over 500 homes to his credit.
Horizontal wire balustrades have many flaws such as they act as a ladder and when a child climbs on them the wires stretch. When the wires are retentioned the wire either side of this wire becomes loose and hence the domino effect occurs. We have even seen the veranda posts bend under this pressure.
No one was producing cost effective, safe, simple to install, visually attractive, engineered certified balustrade system to meet the needs of the home owner. After many trials and experiments Tru-Balustrade was produced.
To prove the system worked Tru-Built homes have been using this system for approx. 12 months prior to releasing Tru-Balustrade to the general public.
Tru-Balustrade has been well received by Tru-Built’s current clients with past clients wishing it was available when they built.
Because we are the owners of the design and manufacturers of the product, we can continue to innovate to meet the market demand. 
The typical day for a franchisee would involve:
  • Responding to enquiries 
  • Confirming installations for the day
  • Preparing balustrade for upcoming jobs 
  • Speaking with porential clients
Many of our franchisees will provide the materials direct to builders who will then install the balustrade themselves. However, there is also the option for franchisees to offer an installation service directly to the client. 
We are so confident of our product offering that we offer a guarantee turnover of $100,000 for the first 12 months. Our business model ensures our customers receive an excellent product at an affordable price and our franchisees make good profit margins. We are constantly innovating and advertising to be one step ahead of the competition. 
As a franchisee of Tru Balustrade Franchise you will operate your own business in your own exclusive marketing territory. You will receive full training to ensure you are confident with the business, including all aspects of installation , as well as operating a business. This will enable you to build a reputation for quality and service in your franchised territory. Although you will be working for yourself and will be your own boss, we are with you every step of the way and are committed to providing ongoing support and advice to ensure your business is a success. 
Other qualities a Tru Balustrade Franchise would need include: 
  • A strong desire to own and operate your own business
  • Good with your hands
  • Good communication skills 
  • A willingness to keep learning and refining skills 
  • A sense of pride in what you do
  • The ability to fillow the Tru Balustrade business system 
  • Self-Motivated
A patent pending application #2016902853 is currently being proceed for Tru-Balustrade.
Here’s What Makes Tru-Balustrades Unique
Tru-Balustrade is approximately 50% cheaper than comparable vertical and horizontal stainless-steel balustrades. It uses smooth 316 stainless steel threaded rod and specialised hardware. 
Tru-Balustrade has non-climbable vertical balusters and does not act as a ladder, it is also pool fence compliant. The 80mm gaps between balusters complies with BCA. 
Visually attractive
Tru-Balustrade is similar looking to more expensive horizontal wire balustrades. It is also easily supplied in kit form. 
Straight & Raking Balustrades
Tru-Balustrades raking panels are not problematic like other balustrade systems. Our system allows for almost any angle to suit stairs and sloping ground levels. 
Engineer Certified
Tru Balustrade is engineer certified.

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