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This start-up business is a local caravan manufacturer that has used decades of design expertise from the aerospace industry (being an aerospace engineer) to develop an ultra light weight caravan that is sure to become the envy of the market. Whilst the Seller has been unable to take the product to the market, due to his day job and time restrictions, the product is built, tested and ready for market. In fact they have a several already built that will be included in the sale to offset the purchase price. Any astute hands on investor will see there is a massive opportunity to take this product to the camping shows and to sell online. This product has many competitive advantages that other caravan suppliers just cannot achieve. One of them is the fact that the product is Australian made and not fully imported from China. This means there is no customs or freight costs and the manufacture is in-house which brings down the cost considerably. In fact they can almost achieve a 100% mark up whilst keeping the retail price under $40,000.
WOW! Furthermore, the product is so light weight, that almost any vehicle is able to tow it whereas the traditional caravan is quite heavy and requires vehicles with considerable towing capability. Additionally, the Seller has plans for a self-assembly model that will absolutely revolutionise the industry we predict. The Sellers high profile day job prevents him from taking this product to market and running a day-to-day operation. However, all the design and manufacture is done for the prototypes. Additionally, the Seller will remain available for future product development in a consulting capacity.


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