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Villas / Villa complex Tulamben Indonesia. ListingImage
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NOTE- This business is in Bali - Indonesia.

This is a great opportunity to purchase a villa or a number of villas in the one complex in Tulamben which is a popular tourist diving destination north of Bali.

Tulamben is well recognised and becoming a popular tourist destination for travellers, particularly those wanting to experience unique dives. exploring shipwrecks and to take in the brilliant scenery away from the hustle and bustle of Bali's major tourists regions

The sale presents a fantastic opportunity for the smart investor with 4 different villa accommodation facilities for sale.

(1) This villa is a 3 Bed x2 Bathroom with an outside dining area and Terrace surrounded by tropical gardens and dip pool fully furnished on 1240 Ara - $320.000AU

(2) 3 bedroom Villa suite with large rooms a restaurant downstairs a large swimming pool fully furnished on 790 Ara $300.000

(3) Is a 4 bedroom villa suite or large home with a huge dining area and entertaining Terrace because you have a swimming pool fully furnished on 940 Ara $400.000

(4) Two bedroom villa suite, private apartment upstairs fully self-contained and furnished 680 Ara- $350.000 AU

There is an additional vacant block that could be developed as the purchaser which is 880 Ara for $100.000

The Villas can be purchased separately or or all as a complex- All 4 villas $1,300.000 AU


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