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Manufacturing Business Frozen Food Adjusted PEBITDA around $400,000 pa ListingImage
About this business
This business is partly managed and currently manufactures 4 days a week
Owner operates in a supervisory capacity as staff manage the day to day production operations.
Owner is required to do marketing and business administration.
The sales channels have been established for over 25 years.
Most of the staff have been in place for many years and know their jobs well.

All products are snap frozen which allows for all public holidays, weekends and time off over the Christmas New Year and Easter Breaks.
All equipment has been valued and is just under $2 million. This is current replacement Value.

The business is well systemised with processes in place and the operations run with very few disruptions.

The history of profit and loss show that the key indicators of the COG, Staffing and general Expenses remain fairly constant.
The Owner for years has spent money on equipment that keeps staffing to a low level.

The Owner is willing to stay for a period of time for a smooth transition.

Because of health issues the Owner is looking for a quick sale. [P]

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