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About this business
Mobile Animal Farm

Work from home.

Turnover : $ 1,200,000 – annual

Profit : $170,000

Price : $249,000 + $90,000 assets - negotiable

This is a lovely animal-based business that is in very high demand and which was one of the first mobile animal farms in Australia.

This business provides educational sessions that link to curriculum learning outcomes are provided for schools and childcare centers. The animals are a favourite attraction at aged care centers, vacation cares, shopping centers, church events, fetes, corporate family days, parties, weddings and christenings. The animals are also requested for film and TV appearances.

Staff take care of day to day running of the business including taking care of the animals and taking the animals to clients.

• Established in 1992, 28 years ago (current owner 10 years)
• Work from home. Online, paperless, automated booking and business systems.
• Vendor works on the business more than in the business
• Demand continues to grow year on year and indeed demand outstrips supply
• Specialist industry with few competitors
• 15,000 clients on database
• Training & transition period offered
• Educational and entertainment business that allows people of all ages to interact and learn about animals
• Provides hands on experience for casual staff studying vet and zoology. Currently hires up to 65 casual staff annually
• Registered trademark
• Excellent lifestyle business

The vendor is happy to help with extended transition and training.

For more information call Rad Benicky on 0411 610 005 or in business hours 02 9413 2977


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