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Manufacturer & Distribution of Mexican Style Foods ListingImage
About this business
This business was the first company in Australia to make corn chips and tortillas using the authentic nixtamal method.  The nixtamal range of products was then expanded to include more flavours of totopos (that's chips for those who don't speak Spanish), tostadas (the real Mexican hard taco) and most of the other products they have today.
The business manufactures specialised products and can develop tailor-made products for customers if required. Sales are driven by product specialisation. They have an excellent customer base which provides stability for annual sales. They have an excellent reputation and are well known within the hospitality industry - established for 41 years. Customers include wholesaling as well as direct to  the public.
A new long term lease is available to ensure security of tenure, however this business could also be attractive as "bolt-on" acquisition to an existing food manufacturer who has available capacity with the obvious synergistic  benefits  that would accrue


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