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One of Australia's Newest Brands in the Food Industry | Famous Burgers ListingImage
About this business
Perfect for a new Business Owner.
Starting a Lazy Gramps Licensed business means it's all set up for you ready to start trading.
You choose how you run your own business, unlike a Franchise, where you are told what and how to do it.
LAZY GRAMPS- Famous Burgers
What's on Offer
* 3 Weeks Training
* Easy to follow training manuals
* Ongoing support
* Small Footprint - Small Rent
* Flexibility - No bricks & mortar to tie you down, Position no good?... Shift it.
* Turn-Key Operation for under $100K..You get it ready to trade
* No 200+ page document to sign...The document is around 20 pages
* No Personal Guarantees
* No percentage of turnover... just one low fee no matter how much you earn
* Easy to run
* A License not a Franchise
* Marketing Support to maintain brand awareness
* Available sites all over the first to secure your territory
To find out more call John Ferraro - 0423 241 241


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