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Most businesses claim to engage and listen to their customers, but how many genuinely do?

appee makes it easy for businesses to connect with their app users on a large scale, but a personal level.

A simple HTML 5 plug-in for mobile apps (iOS and Android),  appee allows businesses to create question campaigns, immediately publish these to their app,  and receive and view responses in a graphical format, and in real time.

appee provides direct “in-app” access to your most valued asset,  your customers. With appee, you’re not just gathering data, you’re shaping your product with the collective help of your users. Receiving direct, structured and targeted feedback through appee will help businesses build better apps and reduce expensive development wastage. The days of sifting through pages and pages of open ended feedback, or wasteful guesswork are over.

appee allows mobile-ready businesses to set themselves apart and get the answers they really need.


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