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Want to earn an extra revenue stream for your cafe with a virtual brand? Join C51 consulting!
What is a virtual brand?
A virtual brand is one that exists online, but with no physical presence. No physical restaurant.
A virtual brand offers food that is available via delivery & possibly pick-up, if appropriate.
It might be run from the kitchen of an existing restaurant or outlet, or the food might be prepared in a ‘dark kitchen’ - that is, a stand-alone kitchen that is not attached to any form of shop-front.
Virtual brands have been around for a few years, our team was one of the first to establish them in Australia, over 5 years but the global pandemic, with its resulting forced restaurant closures and massive increase in food delivery, has seen them proliferate rapidly in 2020.

C51 Consulting have 50 different established virtual brands ready to go that are customised to your food offering and provide a complimentary menu.
The benefits of virtual brands:
The pandemic may have accelerated their growth, but smart hospitality providers are realising that a virtual brand is not just a solution to a shortterm problem. It is the future, it is the the way forward & if executed properly will be the ultimate strategy to combat the unpredictability of lockdowns & dining restrictions.
Virtual brands offer multiple, very real benefits that are likely to see their continued growth long after the world is allowed back into restaurants.
Here’s your M.A.P. forward:…..
Market Expansion - attract new customers, test new menus/ideas/cuisines, capitalise on the growing home-delivery trend
Adaptability - rapid & low cost/risk setup, focus on the food with no FOH distractions, adapt/tweak menus/cuisines based on demand/sales.
Profitability - instant income stream(s), use excess kitchen space & staff to generate revenue, reduce waste, increase buying power.

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