A digital disruption directly connecting fisherman, farmers and high-end restaurants in China.

The traditional supply chains for international exports of premium agricultural products are outdated and high cost. The typical supply chain middlemen focus on their own profitable and add little value to producers or restaurants in China.
Furthermore, the middlemen operate in a manner that makes traceability and provenance virtually impossible. The lack of traceability results in a lack of food safety and integrity. The lack of provenance is a lost opportunity for producers to build their regional brand and for restaurants to differentiate themselves with their patrons.
The supply chain from producers to high-end restaurants is ready for disruption. The China Australia Free Trade Agreement, digital technologies, wealth growth in China and world food trends converge to make the timing right for CaroMel.
CaroMel is not building a new market but is introducing a new online marketplace and low cost supply chain model to an exiting industry.
What's different about CaroMel Ltd?
  • Eliminates middlemen with almost 50% of supply chain costs
  • Brings more prestige, power and profit to fishermen and farmers.
  • Delivers traceability and provenance to the entire supply chain
  • Creates an engaging end-user experience – know the fisherman/farmer – know the location
  • Taps into the wealth growth story in China and digital disruption, the stories of our time
Greg McLardie              Managing Director
Lou Villella                    Non-executive Director
Wayne Hayes               Non-executive Director
Gerard Dempsey          Chief Financial Officer
In confidence                Chief Information Officer
In confidence                Chief Technical Officer
James Zhai                   China CEO
Stuart McLardie             Brand Manager
Wenson Lin                   Co-packer

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