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Global Leaders in Cost Optimisation & Change Management Consulting.

Expense Reduction Analysts has been trading in Australia since 1992. They are a business consultancy offering strategic advice and practical methods for companies to achieve sustainable cost reduction. They have people with experience gained during long careers at a senior level in their areas, and they use this expertise to advise businesses on how to achieve best practices on each cost line.
They help to:
  • Define internal processes
  • Manage supplier & client relationships
  • Achieve best in class pricing
  • Redefine process
  • Implement, manage and monitor new supply arrangements
The majority of their work is done outside of client office environments. As a result, their processes, resources, and systems ensure minimal impact on your internal resources.
They monitor supplier performance throughout a time frame aligned with the supply contract to ensure that all the savings are realised, sustained, and even improved over time. In addition, they collaborate with you on a fully transparent basis throughout the process, allowing you to retain control of all the critical aspects of the engagement.
They then stay with their clients for the long term, ensuring commitments are kept. This ensures that they maximise the savings they identify and keep savings and supply on track.

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