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Who is Harry Helper and where did he come from?
Harry Helper was born in 2018 out of a need to strengthen young children’s initiative and resilience.
He was created by Nataly Tormey, social entrepreneur, registered nurse, business strategist and founder of The Parentmedic Movement.
While Parentmedic empowers parents to save their child’s life through first aid, Nataly saw a need to empower children to be more proactive too.
Nataly wanted to provide an age-appropriate way to equip young children to be confident helpers.
It wasn’t just about first aid skills, as they could be overwhelming for young children. It was about the mindset of helpfulness, and all the emotional skills that go along with that: the empathy, the safety, the initiative – and the belief that they could make a difference in the world.
Her vision was for a generation of proactive, confident, competent people who felt a sense of responsibility and agency in whatever situation they find themselves.
Every Child deserves to know how to confidently help themselves and others
We believe it is a right, for every single person in the community to acquire health literacy education so they can make ‘informed decisions’ when it comes to themselves and their families. That is why our Harry Helper network of committed professionals are empowering kids to know their bodies and be confident in helping themselves and others.
Health is a human right for all
Every child deserves to know their body and be confident in helping themselves and others. Health and safety information for children is vital because children under the age of 5 are most vulnerable.
Too many children are injured by, or die from, preventable illness or harm. People helping people is at the core of what we do. Beyond our dedication to growing a generation of empathetic, pro-active, and helpful young people, we recognise the need to support children.
For Social Impact Not Profit
Programs developed under our Every Child Campaign are driven and measured by their social impact not profit.
Injury remains the most common cause of death in 0-4 year old’s and is also the leading cause of hospitalisation. Each year in Australia more children die from injury than cancer, asthma and infectious disease. Research suggests children of lower socioeconomic status generally have a greater risk of both fatal and non-fatal injury and that children in regional or remote areas have a greater risk of dying from their injuries.
We are empowering children to reduce these numbers.
Our Every Child Campaign first aid and safety programs are affordable, fun, easy to learn, and easy for children to implement in their daily lives.
Grounded in substantial child development research, our Harry Helper programs follow World Health Organisation (WHO) guidelines, that foster Health-Promoting Schools.
Improved access to quality health education is essential. Harry Helper is unwavering in our commitment to expanding access.
Socio-economic inequalities in health education are a global problem.
Locally, while numbers are declining, an obvious gap remains between the number of Indigenous and non-Indigenous children dying from injury and rates of child injury morbidity have been linked to residence in a low-income area.
The Harry Helper Every Child Campaign creates innovative approaches to health and safety education access for children, working toward reducing these numbers and bridging the socioeconomic health education gap to effect measurable, positive social impact.
A fair focus on children’s first-aid and safety information
Childhood injury is catastrophic for families. Injuries sustained in childhood can have lifelong effects on an individual’s health and development, causing permanent disability or long term cognitive or psychological damage. Childhood death and injury also have significant lifelong impact on carers and the Australian healthcare system.
The majority of childhood injuries occur in the home and are largely preventable.
Prevention has long been recognised as the key to reducing the numbers of childhood deaths and injuries. We believe growing a generation of empathetic, pro-active, and helpful young people who act to contribute positively to the world around us should be included in a fair focus injury prevention strategy.
Protecting children also means empowering parents to confidently help their child when an injury does occur. We understand that building a generation of empathetic and helpful young people means educating their parents also, so we provide ongoing access to resources that support your early learners and their families.
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