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IBISWorld was formed in 1971 as IBIS Research Services. IBISWorld is a market research organization specializing in long range forecasting of industries and the business environment at large, with an emphasis on providing information for strategic planning and research purposes.

Phil Ruthven founded IBISWorld. He is one of Australia's leading analysts on business, social and economic matters.

Since 1996, IBISWorld has produced searchable industry databases for use on a personal computer progressing later to a website based delivery model. In 2003 IBISWorld began producing reports on U.S. industries and expanded their operation into six U.S. cities. The U.S. branch of the company generated approximately 40% of 2007 revenue for the IBISWorld group.

In July 2007 IBISWorld began a joint venture with Chinese research company A.C.M.R to produce reports on China's main industries.

The company's website provides access to information on U.S., Australian, Chinese and UK industries. The company also produces global industry reports covering world industries.

IBISWorld also publishes industry risk rating reports, industry profiles, information on publicly traded US companies as well as economic and demographic profiles.

Current IBISWorld partners include Hoovers , Valuation Resources, Superfactory and American Small Business Development Centers. With U.S headquarters in Los Angeles, IBISWorld has offices in New York, London, Melbourne, and Sydney.

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