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WELCOME to Jim’s Real Estate
Jim’s Real Estate offers you the best opportunity to combine your experience as a real estate agent with Australia’s most recognised and successful franchise brand to build a businessthat offers you independence, flexibility, financial reward and all the support you need to succeed.
If you, like most experienced people in the real estate industry, have considered launching your own real estate agency you will understand the difficulty involved. Creating a real estate business from start- up is a very difficult and costly process. You need to consider the high cost of all of your subscriptions to different platforms and websites just to be able to operate on a daily basis as well as the rent on a shop front and the staff required to run it plus marketing and website maintenance. The other option is to take on an existing Real Estate brand, however, these have a very high initial purchase cost and then take a large percentage of your profit in fees.
Hence the launch of Jim’s Real Estate. A low entry costs highly profitable model that allows you to leverage the highly recognised brand of Jim’s Group.
Why Jim’s Real Estate?
It was the most unexpected business launch of 2017. Jim’s + real estate?
Or was it?
The Jim’s Group now has over 50 Divisions the majority of who remain dedicated to service provision to the homeowner.
With existing divisions such as Jim’s Conveyancing, Jim’s Finance and Jim’s Interior Designs and the expected arrival of many more domestic service Divisions it is arguable that the launch of a Real Estate division was inevitable and in fact builds on the strengths of the Jim’s Group and its existing relationship with the marketplace. Consider this fact. Jim’s Group receives almost 800,000 calls per year wanting a Jim’s Group service. All of these people are well aware of Jim’s brand and often continue to use other Jim’s services after their first enquiry. Imagine the advantage of talking to a client that has already had a great experience after engaging one of the many other Jim’s Group services???
Being in business for yourself does not mean that you are in business by yourself because over 4000 franchise business owners are now enjoying the benefits of being part of the biggest services group in the world. You can now find Jim’s Franchises in New Zealand, Canada, and United Kingdom as well as in Australia. These benefits include access to the best people in the industry to act as business mentors, being part of the best and fairest franchise system and of course being offered the best national deals and prices for a comprehensive range of goods and services.
In one easy step, we provide you with all the equipment; training and ongoing support you need to ensure your success. 
The key factors to Jim’s success is based on looking after clients and strong franchisee support from franchisors. Jim’s core belief is that the people who pay us are customers. Franchisees are the customers of the franchisor, and the franchisor’s key goal is to see their franchisees happy and successful.
We understand for many of our new Franchisees running and managing your business day to day can be a daunting experience. It is for this reason Jim’s Real Estate provides you with all the training and support required to run a successful real estate business. From your initial 3 days at Jim’s Group learning all of the systems that has made Jim’s Group the largest domestic services Franchise system in the world. You will get to meet Jim Penman personally as well as listen to some of Jim’s Group most successful Franchisees. You will get to see the support and systems our Franchisees can take advantage of to manage and grow your real estate business.
In addition to this you will be provided with Jim’s Real Estate specific training which gives you a significant point of difference in the market place.
But training does not stop there. At Jim’s Real Estate we will provide you with regular Franchise meetings allowing you to keep on top of training to assist you in your required CPD points for your real estate licence as well as annual conferences where you will rub shoulders with fellow Franchisee from across Australia and listen to industry experts.
Jim’s Real estate ensures that our franchisees have access to the latest technology systems and platforms in real estate to ensure it’s clients achieve the best customer experience possible. In addition, this allows our Franchisees to be able to manage their business in the most efficient manner allowing you to spend more time with your clients. 
From customer relationship software, property data platforms, listing portals and customer nurture solution Jim’s Real Estate Franchisees have all the tools required to successfully manage their clients and business needs.
Your day to day financial commitments don’t go away while you are starting a new business. For your security, we guarantee that will be entitled to claim up to $800pw from your Regional Franchisor. This reduces risks and the income lag often experienced in starting a new business especially real estate. This is a unique system that only Jim’s Group offers that allows new Franchisees to provide free appraisals in your local area. For every appraisal that you provide (outside of leads supplied to you) we will pay you $200 to a maximum of $800pw. We understand that this will not be the income you would like to earn ongoing but it is a great safety net as you grow your business in the early stages.
Within the structure of the Jim’s Group, Jim’s Real Estate has the rights to the franchise and provide real estate services that include: 
  • Residential property sales
  • Property management
  • Property buying advocacy (currently under development)
You have the ability to run your own real estate business and provide all of the services of any traditional real estate without the need for a shop front. 
The list below outlines the major inclusions in your Jim’s Real Estate Purchase:
  • Exclusive geographical territory (no one else can market in your territory)
  • Vehicle signage
  • Uniforms
  • Stationary
  • Pointer Signs
  • Start-up collateral
  • On going professional training
  • Ipad
  • All software platforms
All you need is your own vehicle. Other than that you have turn key real estate business from day 1.
You purchase the rights to a territory in which you work and market yourself. However, you are notrestricted to this territory. Our franchise system allows and encourages you to take leads from all areas providing it doesn’t infringe on someone else’s territory. This allows you to maximise your opportunities.
If your income is less than the pay for work guarantee averaged over a month, your franchisor will make up the difference giving you certainty as you start your new business. To receive the work availability guarantee, you will need to be willing to undertake local promotional opportunities, which helps build your business.
This guarantees you an income, in the early days of your business. However, even new franchisees rarely need to claim the pay for work guarantee.
You pay a fixed monthly management fee and a variable lead fee. This is a charge per lead we send you from the national call centre. The lead fee is the same regardless of the value of the service you sell or whether you then keep the customer as a recurring client.
More importantly, any referral work you generate doesn’t incur a lead fee. You can reduce your monthly lead fee as you build your business and find your own clients, reducing the number of leads you take from us over time.
Your commitment and effort will directly relate to your earning capacity. Earnings vary between franchisees. As you are an independent business owner you are responsible for deciding how much time and finance to invest in your business. This generally determines your earning capacity. You also have the capacity to set your own service prices. We provide you with estimated guide prices that are recommended, you may vary these.
Once you have considered the information in this booklet and wish to proceed to the next stage, Jim’s Real Estate will provide you with an appendix that details franchisee case studies and information on potential earnings.
All franchisees must have or purchase an approved vehicle that is at most four years old. The vehicle must be one of a nominated group of colours of either white or silver. All vehicles will be signed using a template provided.
Many costs need to be considered including:
  • Creation of and monthly upkeep of a website
  • SEO ranking
  • Spend on Ad words
  • Public Liability insurance
  • Call centre to take your calls
When paid monthly, these fees are much more manageable. 
As you are your own boss you set your own hours, manage your own schedule, and decide which days to work and where you want to work. Should you wish to have time off either regularly or for holidays, simply update your status online to show when you do/don’t want work and we will respond accordingly.
Jim’s Finance Professionals offer a finance broking service, call 131546. Otherwise contact your usual finance broker service or bank.
The time frames vary. The greatest factor is the availability of places on the required training program. Generally the application process for a franchise will vary but is usually up to 4 weeks.
Once approved, you should allow up to 10 weeks to complete training and commence trading.
Any work you do to build your business, will benefit you. You might like to employee other agents, buy additional territories or become a regional Franchisor. And remember, you can resell your business for any price you like.
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