Milky Lane

Australia’s #1 Boutique Burger Brand

Milky Lane is Australia’s leading brand for boutique burgers, cocktails and desserts. It was built on the idea to create a unique burger dining experience - one which infuses great burgers, wow-inspiring cocktails and designer desserts with old-school hip hop that makes you feel alive and ready to dance!


Milky Lane has established a global brand with franchise interest from across the world because of their trendy combination of innovative menu development and social media reach. What got them there was their behind-the-scenes work by their innovative development and knowledgeable team, who built their systems and models that they still use successfully today. There is no other business in Australia’s F&B industry that has the same level of viral interest in the brand and the interaction on social media as Milky Lane.


Milky Lane focuses on providing the world’s best product, which revolves around their five pillars of brand identity: social presence, genuine quality, right on time, value pricing and the full-service package. They are looking to partner with like-minded entrepreneurs, who wish to start their own business in the food & beverage industry, to join the company as a franchisee. 

Key benefits of becoming a Milky Lane franchisee include:

  • 8 weeks of comprehensive training provided to all franchisee's and their team
  • Ongoing support from head office and a guaranteed full house on the opening night
  • Average turnover of $2.5m to $3.5m p.a (site dependent)
  • Being part of the #1 social media brand in Australia for any food and beverage brand
  • Average store cost from $600,000 depending on site size, location, and build factors

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