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We partner with original thinkers to build disruptive enterprises, supporting startups with focused business resources.

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At Oxygen Ventures we source, build and invest in scalable digital enterprises - taking groundbreaking companies from concept to reality. 

The crucial insight we've garnered from 20 years of experience is understanding that value is created through rapid go-to-market strategies combined with process and operational excellence. That acumen is the key to our development and the engine behind every new investment. 

Our hands-on approach is where we differ from traditional venture capital firms. An essential element of our approach, and a distinct competitive advantage, is that we support the entire value chain - facilitating higher returns through deep involvement, smart strategy and comprehensive support. 

Operating out of Melbourne: a mecca of innovation, talent and energy - we're always looking for founders with innovative, game changing solutions Contact Oxygen Ventures
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Article by Ilya Frolov

The Big Pitch is back for 2015 - Oxygen Ventures

Posted on April 26, 2015
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