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Who we are
We are an Australian company with extensive understanding and experience of the Australian health care system. Founded in 1998 in regional Victoria, Simply Helping has built an enviable reputation for quality and flexibility in the provision of in-home care and support services to its many and varied clients. Drawing on extensive business and public and private health sector experience, Angela Feery-Richards has grown a strongly ethical organisation.
Our Services
Our services assist people living with a disability, our senior population, or wanting assistance as a lifestyle choice and include personal care, house-keeping, respite care, medication reminders, companionship, meal preparation, help with shopping and local transportation, social outings, pet sitting, dog walking, gardening, light home maintenance, babysitting and nannies. Client needs vary - from a half hour service to overnight or 24 hour or longer care.
Competitive Advantage
Our franchises are unique in that we provide a suite of in-home care and support services, not only for our elderly population and individuals and families living with a disability, but also for clients of brokerage organisations, and for individuals and families using our services as a lifestyle choice.
Our investment fees are competitive, our marketing support is strong with a designed program exclusively for each territory including $8000 being injected into the territory during the first 3 months, and our franchisees have the flexibility of working from home.
Why Choose our Franchise?
Some of the benefits owning a Simply Helping franchise include:
  • Strong track record in the industry
  • Exclusive territory
  • Low start-up costs
  • Business hours that allow you to have a good work/life balance
  • Operating the business from home, if preferred
  • Growing a business in a sustainable market
  • Company-wide dedication to quality and strong customer focus
  • Experienced professional corporate and franchisee support staff, and
  • Provision of promotional and marketing material.

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