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Virtual Enterprise Australia is where education and business connect.

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Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA) is a not-for-profit organisation that manages the network of Virtual Enterprises (VEs).

Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA) provides a VIRTUAL business platform to inspire and engage students in REAL business experiences. Students run their own simulated business, or Virtual Enterprise (VE), and trade with other students in our global network to gain real employability skills and test possible career paths.

We work with teachers to invigorate their teaching style and increase their students' engagement and outcomes. Our platform can be mapped to different course subjects and levels and is taught in the classroom, so does not need to be an extra-curricular activity.

We work with businesses (e.g. McDonald's Australia since 2008) to help them to engage in their community through business mentoring local students through a VE. It has proved to be a great professional development exercise for corporate staff involved who become inspirational role models to our students. It is also a rewarding way for the company to give back to their community enabling a local school or TAFE to participate in this innovative business program. Toll IPEC use it to introduce and attract students to the transport and logistics industry; and local employers use it as a fantastic recruitment tool approaching our VEs to recruit job-ready staff.

VEA (and formerly the Australian Network of Practice Firms) has been doing this for 15 years and we currently have 115 VEs in high schools, TAFEs and at private RTOs across Australia.

Our Mission:
To offer innovative learning solutions for developing employability skills to match the needs of business.

Our Vision:
To become the leader in business skills training through innovative learning solutions. Contact Virtual Enterprise Australia
Rosie Brown, CEO of Virtual Enterprise Australia (VEA):
About Us
Business Profile:
Social Venture
Education/Training - All and Networking and Online Business
Year Established:
Established in 1995
No. of Employees:
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Primary Phone Number:
(613) 94......
Suite 7 193A Lennox Street Richmond, VIC 3121 Australia
Melbourne, Victoria
Our Team:
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