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Regional VIC, VIC
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Regional VIC, VIC
Listed by Eden Deal Network

Executive Summary ​​


An experienced private equity firm with a history of successful acquisitions is looking to acquire Australian SMEs to own and operate long-term. The company is looking for stable, consistently profitable businesses with owner earnings between $2 million and $5 million. They are largely sector agnostic but tend to favour investments in commercial services, industrials (especially niche manufacturing) and healthcare (products and services). They do not invest in direct mining, real estate, biotech, start-ups or early stage ventures.


Considered businesses must meet the following key criteria: 

  • EBITDA margins in excess of 15%
  • Differentiated service or product offering
  • Long operating history with a strong brand cadence and reputation
  • Stable or growing industry with limited exposure to economic cycles
  • Contracted revenue or demonstrated history of repeat customers
  • Minimal customer and supplier concentration
  • Limited capital expenditure required to maintain the business
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Interested in companies valued between $5 million and $20 million
The potential business should have an EBITDA of more than $2 million
The company is looking to acquire businesses across Australia

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