Ninja Kids

Where Kids Become Warriors!

Ninja Kids is the home of Australia’s most loved “Ninja Warrior” style gym for kids. We offer obstacles courses, tumbling classes, school holidays programs and host epic birthday parties. Our sessions cater to all skill levels, from beginner to advanced Ninjas, for both boys and girls. Our mission is to help kids by:
Increasing confidence - The Ninja Kids coaching team work on individual and team based skills and give kids the opportunity to learn new skills and progress at their own rate. We love seeing the pride on one of our Ninja Kids’ faces when they achieve a new skill! 
Improving flexibility - Being a ninja requires flexibility! Coaches are trained in gymnastics based stretching to ensure our Ninja Kids stretch before classes for safety and after classes to improve their range of motion.
Gaining Strength and fitness - Gymnastics based conditioning is key for achieving Ninja obstacles so our coaches do a range of fun, yet effective conditioning circuits and games which will improve strength and overall fitness. 
Improving co-ordination - Our balance obstacle and speed obstacles are great for improving coordination. Parkour elements add progressive challenges and make the obstacles athletic and exciting.
Happy Mind - There are many emotional benefits of becoming a Ninja Kid. Improved self esteem, increased physical strength, being a part of a team and overcoming physical challenges all contribute to a positive, happy young mind. 
Letting them have heaps of fun! - Ninja Kids obstacles incorporate so many different skills. Grip strength, speed, agility, balance, plus gymnastics swinging and tumbling, and parkour. Kids will gain new friends and potentially even work towards competing