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Want to earn an extra revenue stream for your cafe with a virtual brand? Join C51
What is a virtual brand?
A virtual brand is one that exists online, but with no physical presence. No physical restaurant.
A virtual brand offers food that is available via delivery & possibly pick-up, if appropriate.
It might be run from the kitchen of an existing restaurant or outlet, or the food might be prepared in a ‘dark kitchen’ - that is, a stand-alone kitchen that is not attached to any form of shop-front.
Virtual brands have been around for a few years, our team was one of the first to establish them in Australia, over 5 years but the global pandemic, with its resulting forced restaurant closures and massive increase in food delivery, has seen them proliferate rapidly in 2020.
The benefits of virtual brands:
The pandemic may have accelerated their growth, but smart hospitality providers are realising that a virtual brand is not just a solution to a shortterm problem. It is the future, it is the the way forward & if executed properly will be the ultimate strategy to combat the unpredictability of lockdowns & dining restrictions.
Virtual brands offer multiple, very real benefits that are likely to see their continued growth long after the world is allowed back into restaurants.
Here’s your M.A.P. forward:…..
Market Expansion - attract new customers, test new menus/ideas/cuisines, capitalise on the growing home-delivery trend
Adaptability - rapid & low cost/risk setup, focus on the food with no FOH distractions, adapt/tweak menus/cuisines based on demand/sales.
Profitability - instant income stream(s), use excess kitchen space & staff to generate revenue, reduce waste, increase buying power.

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