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8 Years ago I had a very successful and systematic cleaning company that I was ready to part ways with. At that time, I had no idea Business Brokers even existed but after some research, I found that engaging a broker was a necessity and an extreme boost the timeliness of the sale. Prior to engaging the broker, the title alone of a “business broker” kept me on my toes with uncertainty if they would even accept a small business like mine. After an initial consultation, my business was now listed as for sale and all I had to do now was wait for the phone to ring. Within 9 months, I received 2 phone calls, 3 emails and a confused potential buyer who was unsure why it took so long to get into contact with me.
After the sale of my business and paying a “hefty” commission, I couldn’t help but feel not appreciated as a client and undervalued within customer service, Both from my side and the buyer’s side. Here I found the missing piece of the puzzle, my business was systematic and completely transferrable to a new owner with policies and procedures for everything. This led to the first buyer purchasing the business, the second clue was the industry was focused on signing contracts rather than delivering customer satisfaction and achieving the same goal together. So I got my license, systemised my business and have been delivering my client’s goals ever since. It is more about understanding our client’s goals plus business and suiting these to a perfect buyer while communicating consistently along the way.
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