Emmanuel Martin

CPA Consultant, Coach and Facilitator

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Principal & Facilitator/Coach
The Alternative Board Australia
Dates Employed:Aug 2016 – Present Employment Duration:7 mos
Location: Blacktown/Fairfield

Founder & Chief Experience Officer
The Metamorphosis Project
Dates Employed: Apr 2016 – Present Employment Duration: 11 mos
Location: Sydney, Australia

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After more than 20 years in various corporate finance and Commercial roles in varied industries such as IT, Retail, Franchising and FMCG, I decided to become an entrepreneur and pursue my life goals of helping business owners.
My businesses include The Metamorphosis Project (Franchise Profitability Consulting) and The Alternative Board (Peer Advisory/Coaching for Privately owned SME's). 
The WHY? - Because I want to help my clients to have a profitable and viable long term business with strong cash-flow. I want my clients to not only achieve business success but concurrently achieve their other life goals. This serves my life long desire to contribute back to society. This business enables me to provide for my family and generate funds to my humanitarian projects.
THE HOW? - I believe constant positive change (Metamorphosis) is needed to achieve life goals. I believe in a holistic approach to maximising profitability and cash flow. The main driver of success is the store owner's focus and positive vision towards the business. I believe that a combination of life coaching and business mentoring leads to running a profitable and viable business.
MY FOCUS AREAS - Franchising, Small to Medium sized privately held businesses.
I am currently writing my first book "Psychology for the Hungry Franchisee".

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Stop Blaming Franchisors: It Takes Two To Tango

Posted on February 18, 2017

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