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It’s easy starting a business; it’s much harder getting out again. Most business owners find this out too late. For over 30 years Geoff Green has been helping business owners not only build great businesses, but also get rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears when they exit. Geoff has always been fascinated by innovation and strongly believes it’s the key to Australia’s future success as a nation. He was introduced to the heady mix of innovation, entrepreneurs and high growth businesses early in his career.
Upon leaving law school Geoff joined a dynamic, fast-growing corporate law firm which evolved into Minter Ellison, now one of Australia’s largest firms. He was quickly captivated by the cut and thrust of mergers and acquisitions, stock exchange listings and the adrenalin rush of big business deals. He also soon realised the businesses he really liked working with were the entrepreneurial ones. Those owned by energetic and passionate entrepreneurs who were striving to achieve significant goals in their own business, as well as often making a real difference in the world.
In 1998, after 15 years as a corporate lawyer, Geoff founded GRG Momentum, which quickly evolved into one of Australia’s first business advisory firms specialising in business exits. Working side by side leading entrepreneurs as they created real value in their businesses and then successfully exited them, Geoff learnt the key business exit strategies he has used for many years with his own clients. He also began to see two clear patterns with business exits.
Firstly, most business owners, despite the huge sacrifices they made and risks they took, didn’t get well rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears on exit. Secondly, there were a small handful of business owners who did manage to sell their businesses for huge amounts, often for reasons that weren’t clear to anyone. A key step in Geoff’s life long fascination with innovation, high growth businesses and high value business exits was his firsthand experience with BSX (an alternative stock exchange he co-founded with Bendigo Bank and Computershare). BSX was established as a start-up business and sold within 5 years to NSX for $7.75 million, providing Geoff with unique insights into creating and exiting a high value business.
Geoff has always been frustrated that most business owners don’t achieve good exit results when the time comes to move on from their business. For years business owners work hard, take risks, employ people, build great products and services and contribute to their communities. Private businesses also drive the development and commercialisation of many of the innovative new products that enrich and improve our lives, families and communities.
Geoff strongly believes that when the time comes time to exit business owners should be properly rewarded for their blood, sweat and tears. To help his clients, and business owners generally, Geoff released his first book, The Smart Business Exit: Getting Rewarded for your Blood, Sweat and Tears, in late 2014. Importantly, he wrote it specifically for business owners, not just their advisers.
It’s packed full of useful information, case studies, stories and practical exercises and is one of only a few Australian books on business exits. The Smart Business Exit has been widely acclaimed and already provided invaluable assistance to many business owners exiting their businesses. It’s also the first Australian business book to highlight the implications of the impending “business exit tsunami” as our baby boomer business owners head towards retirement.
Following the success of The Smart Business Exit, Geoff decided to launch The Smart Business Exit hub to provide business owners and their advisers with easy online access to information about business exits and practical checklists, tools and programs to help them achieve a successful business exit. It’s fast becoming Australia’s “go to” website for business owners looking to exit their business.
Geoff is regarded as one of Australia’s leading business exit strategists and thought leaders. His peers include highly acclaimed business exit authors and entrepreneurs such as John Warrillow and Dr Tom McKaskill. He is also a member of the international advisory board of The Value Builder System, a North American group developing one of the world’s largest and fastest growing networks of business exit advisers.
Geoff provides strategic guidance to a number of private businesses in his roles as director and advisory board member. He is also a regular contributor to mainstream and online media, a popular guest on business webinars and podcasts and a highly engaging speaker on high growth business strategies and profitable business exits. When not working with entrepreneurs and strategizing about high value business exits, Geoff enjoys running, trekking (including Everest Base Camp in 2012), good wine and spending time with family and friends.
“Every business owner should read this book!” - Alan Kohler

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