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Office Manager
Holistic Physiotherapy
Mar 2005 – May 2011

Team Leader/ Conference Administrator
ACT Teleconferencing
Jan 1999 – Aug 2002

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Trish has always had a passion for real estate, just not the stigma that came with it. After leaving school Trish completed a small business course and this career-driven woman entered the workforce. Taking a job with APT telecommunications, her leadership qualities stood out and became team leader facilitating and running calls across Australia, Singapore, and Asia.
Trish took 4 yrs out to start a family but to be truly fulfilled she needed to get back into the workplace with a part-time job in a Holistic Centre, running the back end of the business.
Trish had her first taste of property ownership at 30. Wanting to buy something she could add value to, aesthetically and on small budgets. Her first venture cost $136k, spent 20k on renovations and in 5 yrs sold for $318k.
Trish's 2nd property introduced her to a new way of selling. It was this property that she was introduced to an honest way to sell real estate. Her mantra was formed "Real Estate should always be about bringing Sellers and Buyers together to a mutually agreeable outcome while keeping transparency for all parties”
Trish purchased her 3rd investment property in '09. Whilst selling her 2nd investment property Trish reached out to the man she bought it off and on this call, Trish was inspired to turn her passion, into a career. The change was instant.
After some training in 2011, Trish was introduced to Phil Horan. Phil had a new way of selling Real Estate. She left her short stint in traditional Real Estate and has never looked back. 

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